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A previous research proposed to finish a city block in the Antwerp neighbourhood of Borgerhout, by erecting an administrative centre and creating green public place to hang around.

At the first sketch a spontaneous line emerged – a gallery or passageway – that would link the square in front of the building with the adjacent street. This gallery bends in a corner of the square where it relates to the monumental service building.

The front garden, two green lobes interconnected by a little square, emphasizes the central armpit of the building volume. A thoroughfare discloses an inner garden, which functions as a green core for the whole city block. Above the gallery, the façade consists of a steel lattice work overgrown with vegetation. As such, the facades facing south get dynamic seasonal sun blinds.

Where gallery and passage to the garden meet, the service centre on the left and the social centre on the right are joined. The coffee house lies on the corner of the square between the two front gardens.

Program: Competition for a service centre, not selected
Location: Borgerhout, Belgium
Timeline: 2012
Project Team: Marie-José Van Hee (architect), Jan Baes, Indra Janda, Menno Vanderghote, Jessica Langerock, Sam De Vocht, Carmen Osten, Valerie Doutreluingne, Filip Reumers, Mattias Deboutte
Structural Engineer: BAS - Dirk Jaspaert
Engineers: HP Engineering - Bureau Bouwtechniek - 3E