"…Van Hee's project in Zuidzande is a different animal. Again, it was initiated by an extraordinary client, a man who after many years of business travel wanted to retire to the Dutch coast where he was born. The site, an orchard surrounded by a ditch, was purchased in 2007. Non-native trees were removed an the ditch as cleaned before construction started two years later. The house has a minimal footprint on the terrain. It consists of a 13.5-metre-high horizontally boardmarked concrete tower joined with two timber-framed wings cloaked with black-stained Thermowood. The play of geometries is reconciled at ground level in the concrete hearth and above by the chimney that rises through the house to top off the tower. The house presents different faces to each side of the orchard. Large glazed sliding doors, protected by a steel and timber canopy, open up the interior to the south. The concrete body appears thick and thin from different aspects. From the agricultural fields that surround the orchard, it looks like a dovecote rising above the canopy of the trees. It feels mythical yet present, real. The house is entered through a recessed cut in the concrete volume that protects the entrance lobby from the strong winds that blow across the flat landscape. It also serves to extend the threshold between inside and outside into the house. This is reinforced through the sizable intermediary room that leads to the dining and kitchen areas in the east wing and the living to the south-west. The upper levels are reached via a contained, then open stair that serves a bedroom and showroom at first-floor level, a bedroom/library and bathroom on the second floor and culminates in an external terrace and breathtaking views over the landscape... "

(David Grandorge in Architecture Today, n° 224 - link)

De jury heeft grote waardering voor het particuliere woonhuis naar ontwerp van de (Belgische) architect Marie-José van Hee te Zuidzande. Juist in een relatief bescheiden bouwopgave toont zich de meester. De situering van het nieuwe woonhuis op het oorspronkelijke boerenerf is briljant. Het ensemble biedt een interessante aaneenschakeling van ruimtes, die in elkaar lijken over te vloeien. Het woonhuis getuigt van een haast klassiek verbond tussen de opdracht gevende, de ontwerpende en de uitvoerende partijen en van hun vakmanschap. In dit haast intieme samenwerkingsverband is een prestatie geleverd van uitzonderlijke architectonische kwaliteit. Net als het Rietveld- Schroderhuis en Abe Bonnema's huis in Hardegarijp kan het woonhuis in Zuidzande van Marie-José van Hee geschaard worden bij de iconen van de Nederlandse woonhuiscultuur.

Juryrapport Abe Bonnemaprijs 2013

Program: Private house
Client: Private
Location: Zuidzande, The Netherlands
Timeline: 2006 - 2011
Project Team: Marie-José Van Hee (architect), Sam De Vocht (project architect)
Structural Engineer: BAS, Dirk Jaspaert, Hanne Van Beurden
Technical Engineer: HP Engineering, Henk Pijpaert
Contractor: Fiebra-Maes
Carpentry: Detrac nv
Wood paneling: Peter Van Tornhout / Frank Ternier
Landscape architect: Aldrik Heirman
Photography: David Grandorge