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This projects, encompassing a single-family house and a law firm, is somehow reminiscent of the Van Hee-Coppens house MJosé Van Hee built a couple of years before; a long volume, an arcaded gallery bordering it and an enclosed garden being the recurrent elements. The elongated volume is disclosed from the street through an entrance hall located at the end of the building. This space gives access to a two-storey high reception room, functioning as a distributor from which both the living quarters and the offices on the first floor can be reached.

The kitchen, dining and living room are organized longitudinally, their relation to one another and to the garden being similar to that of the Van Hee-Coppens house. At the end of the corridor running along these rooms, a staircase leads to the upper floor, where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located, hardly distinguishable from the further lying offices. Continuing to the other side of the first floor, before arriving at the meeting area - the only room in the house facing the street side - a staircase once again descends towards the reception room, thus closing the uninterrupted circulation.

A document with photographs and original Dutch text can be downloaded here.

Program: Private house & lawyers office
Client: Mr. Coppens
Location: Roeselare, Belgium
Project Team: Marie-José Van Hee