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Like the Pay house this is a corner house. The façade faces southwest across an oversized square. From the back one has a view of a tall block of flats, looking sideways one sees a number of terraced houses. This concrete situation has been a most decisive factor in the process of designing: to make maximum use of the location whilst searching for ways to give the house an introvert character.

As in her other houses she has invented a surprising route through rooms with unexpected visual relationships. All rooms look out on both the large back garden and the inner patio. This patio is fringed by a slightly elevated terrace at the front, contraposing the kitchen. As in the Derks-Lowie house, the carport also functions in relation to this central exterior space, i.e. as a sheltered space for playing children or as a shady spot where one can enjoy a meal in summer.

The utmost attention having paid to location, a house was created that conjures up the image of a castle, an introvert world where even an exterior space is included in the building volume.

Marc Dubois

Program: Private house
Client: Mr. en Mrs. Jan Braet - De Paepe
Location: Gent, Belgium
Timeline: 2007 - 2012
Project Team: Marie-José Van Hee (architect), Els Claessens (project architect)
Structural Engineer: BAS, Dirk Jaspaert
Photography: Kristien Daem