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The building site is located in an industrial zone along a canal. The complex consists of three parts: a large shad, offices and a house.

By moving the offices to the back the parking lot for the visitors is protected from the prevailing northwestern winds. Likewise, the elongated development of the house resulted from the need to protect the south-facing garden. The house can also be seen as a screen in the preliminary plan. A huge hall at the northern side forms a buffer zone, a space into which all rooms open. The presence of a tall lime-tree and the evening sun at the western side further explain the openness of the big hall in this direction. At the garden side a long portico has been used, a solution that also allows for the rooms on the first floor to be connected on the outside.

Here the aim to experience space while moving, one of the central themes of MJosé Van Hee’s work, is the key to an understanding of the spatial configuration.

Marc Dubois

Program: Private house & warehouse
Client: Mr. and Mrs. Van Hee-Coppens
Location: Deinze, Belgium
Timeline: 1990
Project Team: Marie-José Van Hee (architect), Els Claessens
Structural Engineer: BAS - Dirk Jaspaert
Landscaping: Paul Deroose
Photography: Daniel Libens