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Like the Derks-Lowie house this house has three exposed facades. The ground floor is an open studio, which the client currently uses as a show-room for shoe collections. On top of this is an apartment with its living room on the top floor.

Crucial to the design was the requirement that the two parts be fully separable while maintaining an optimum relationship. The diagonal on the ground floor creates a fascinating visual link between the rectangular building volume at the front and the part at the back with a sloping roof. The second diagonal is the border between living-room and terrace; it gives extra emphasis to the beautiful view, from the interior, of the Atomium, symbol of the 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels.

Marc Dubois

Program: Private house, showroom, warehouse
Client: Mr. André Pay
Location: Laken, Belgium
Timeline: 1988 - 1991
Project Team: Marie-José Van Hee, Johan Van Dessel, Ariane Van Craen
Structural Engineer: BAS - Dirk Jaspaert
Photography: Kristien Daem